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Renovation Inspections

Renovate With Confidence With A Home Renovation Inspection

Home Renovation Inspection

Almost Home Building Inspections performs professional Home Renovation Inspections in Kamloops and surrounding areas.

Before you renovate any area of your home, we would be happy to provide a complete inspection to insure that you are getting exactly what you are trying to accomplish.


Renovations are a major investment and we would love to help make sure you get the best bang for your buck! 

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Many minor renovations do not require an inspection, however, when the renovation has a significant cost attached to it, you might consider the benefit of having a professional home inspector do an inspection before and after the renovations take place. 

Keep in mind, not all home inspectors are equal. Some inspectors have never been in construction or performed a renovation before. They probably do not know what to look for

At Almost Home Building Inspections, we have over 30 years of construction experience. This means that when you have us do the renovation inspection, we know EXACTLY what to look for and will have great suggestions to save you money before the reno takes place, and will let you know with an unbias opinion, of how well the job was done.

We always suggest having the inspection done before you pay your renovation contractor. This will give you leverage on price if there are any issues.

Renovate Your Home With Confidence!


When you need a Renovation Inspection and want the

best report available, contact Almost Home Building Inspections first!

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Renovation Assistance Service

You have just bought your dream house now you want to make it your own.  


Do you speak Contractor? Does your contractor really understand what you want and expect?
When you have chosen your contractor I will meet with both of you together to help both sides understand what is being asked for and what is delivered are the same vision.
I will come by during the renovation to ensure that it is going to plan and at the end of the job.


Making your dream come to life can be stressful. Let all of my experience as a builder and contractor make this step easier for you.

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Thinking Of Renovating?

Before you start there are often government grants and rebates available.  To help, change the windows, upgrade the insulation or install a more energy-efficient furnace, ac, or hot water tank,

the BC government regularly has them.


BC Hydro

Fortis BC  Has more information

Contact Us For A Renovation Inspection

Before you start and after you finish your renovation, contact us to have a professional Renovation Inspection. Renovate your home with confidence.

Click the contact button or just call us today!

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