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Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Buy With Confidence With A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Almost Home Building Inspections performs professional Pre-Purchase Home Inspections in Kamloops and surrounding areas. We can inspect homes, custom homes, apartments, mobile homes, condos, and more.

Before you purchase any home, we would be happy to provide a complete inspection to insure that you are getting exactly what you are bargaining for.


In the case of a major purchase, it is always better to be safe than sorry! 


An expertly trained home inspector is worth their weight in gold. A proper pre-purchase inspection can reveal a home is worth buying or walking away from. If a potential home is in decent condition, great, but if it has too many issues, it may not be worth the investment, or at the very least, you will know what needs improvements before any long-term decisions are made. Only a skilled inspector with extensive home-building knowledge can know exactly what to look for. 

At Almost Home Building Inspections, we have over 30 years of house construction experience behind our belts. You can be confident that when you get a report from us, it is accurate and honest.

Buy Your Home With Confidence!


When you need a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection and want the

best report available, contact Almost Home Building Inspections first!

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What Does "Pre-Purchase Home Inspection" Mean?

A pre-purchase home inspection or a "buyers' inspection" is done by the person who is looking to purchase a home and hires a professional to inspect the home before a sale takes place.

This inspection will uncover any problems that may be not noticeable by simply looking around.


It may also confirm that the home is in good condition.

Armed with this information, a well-informed decision can now be made by a potential buyer.

Benefits Of A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

  • A home inspector will reduce your risk in one of your biggest investments.

  • Helps you to understand your home's components and how they work.

  • Make an informed decision.

  • What needs repair.

  • Will help you to plan for regular maintenance and upgrades.

  • Peace of mind!

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What A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection Covers

No matter the age, type, or condition of the house, we always conduct a thorough inspection of all areas. Below is a list that should give you a general idea of what you should expect to be covered.

Foundation Inspection.jpg
Building Envelope Inspection
Grading Inspection.jpg
roofing inspection.png
Garage Inspection.jpg
Plumbing Inspection
Electrical Inspection.jpg
Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning Inspection
Much More

Building Envelope

The outside structure of your home should be thoroughly inspected. This includes checking out crawlspaces under the home, an inspection of your roof, the seal of your windows/doors, and more.


If the foundation is accessible, we will thoroughly inspect and report. In many cases, we may not be able to investigate the health of your foundation, since it may not be visible. However, we should be able to check for secondary signs of foundation issues such as cracks or settling.


In a home, the grading should slope away from your house, not towards it. We will be able to determine which way your grading slopes and therefore how susceptible your house will be to water damage. In cases where the grading slopes towards your home, you’ll need to either change the slope of your yard or install a drainage system. Both solutions can be very pricy and should be discovered before you purchase your home.


Chances are you weren’t invited up on a ladder to check out the condition of the roof during the open house. Your inspector will be able to check your roof to determine its age and condition, as well as any potential damage or poor installation that could allow for water damage to occur in the home. They will also check for loose, missing, or badly secured shingles, cracks, or damaged mastic around your vents. Additionally, they will check the condition of the gutters.

Having a strong, secure roof doesn’t just protect against water damage. It also protects against pests entering your home through your roof and residing in the attic. These pests include raccoons, squirrels, and even bats.


Does the garage door close properly? Is it framed securely? Is there a good seal between the house and garage to protect against accidental carbon monoxide poisoning? These are all things your home inspection will check for you.

If your water heater is kept in your garage, it’s even more important to get an inspection done. Your water heater must be installed high enough off the ground to prevent a potential fire or explosion hazard. Gasoline fumes from your car mixing with your heater’s flame can explode if not installed properly.


It’s important that your inspector checks all the toilets, faucets, and showers to look for any visible leaks while testing the water pressure too. You’ll also be told what kind of pipes the home has if any pipes are visible. If the home has very old pipes, they may recommend an additional inspection to determine when or if they need to be replaced and offer a ballpark cost for the repair.

Additionally, the inspector should show you where the home’s main water shutoff valve is, and how to use it if you are unsure.


Electrical varies quite a bit from house to house, especially in older homes. Your inspector will let you know what type of wiring your home has, ensure there are functional ground fault circuit interrupters, and test all outlets. Functional ground fault circuit interrupters are crucial as they protect you from electrocution, electrical shock, and electrical burns. The electrical panel should also be inspected to ensure they are in proper working order to eliminate any safety issues or potential fire hazards.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

This part of the inspection is very important to determine not just if pricy repairs are required but what your monthly energy bills may look like. Not only will they determine the age of your furnace and air conditioning, they’ll also ensure they are working properly. Your inspector will also determine the age of your ducting and determine any potential leaks.

On top of that, they will check for leaks and whether or not the home has sufficient insulation. Some insulation, especially in older homes, contains asbestos, which can have a detrimental effect on your health and is very expensive to remove.

And Much More...

The above are the main components of a good Pre-Purchase Home Inspection. There is more to be looked at which we will explain to you at the time of inspection.

Contact Us For A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Before you make any final decisions on a home purchase, make sure to contact us first to have a thorough pre-purchase home inspection. Buy your home with confidence.

Click the contact button or just call us today!

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